Sophie Gleitzman


Sophie Gleitzman, BHSc 

Sophie is a university trained naturopath with an intuitive approach. She can give you the tools that you need to restore balance, energy and wellbeing. She prescribes individualised herbal formulas, nutritional medicines, diet coaching, and lifestyle guidance.

Sophie has a special interest in hormones and the inter-connectivity of the endocrine system. Her clinical focus is to support the healthy balance of adrenal, thyroid, blood sugar and sex hormones to return the body to balance. Sophie can help you get off and stay off the Pill, deal with your post-Pill breakouts, understand PCOS, and balance your thyroid. 

Sophie has had success supporting patients with anxiety and stress-related conditions, poor immunity, allergies, fatigue, mood imbalances, and liver and digestive issues.

She believes that the naturopathic approach to testing is able shed light on the underlying causes of symptoms. Sophie works closely with Lara. She follows the same testing and treatment protocols to achieve a common goal: your health and vitality.

Appointments with Sophie

Sophie is currently on mat leave. Please contact Lisa on reception. 


Naturopath, Herbalist  ATMS 23751

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