Weight Loss Quiz

What's stopping you from losing weight?

Please tick any symptoms that apply to you. Then tally up your score. There may be more than one issue that applies to you.

Insulin Resistance 

Waist greater than 80cm (women) or 90cm (men) __ 
Fasting blood glucose greater than 4.0 __
Family history of adult onset diabetes __
High blood pressure __
Fatty liver/ elevated liver enzymes __
High cholesterol __
Skin tags on neck or upper body __








See Insulin Resistance article.

Oestrogen Dominance

Hip weight __
Current or past use of Pill or HRT __
Heavy periods __
Breast tenderness __
Fibroids __
Premenstrual fluid retention or irritability __
Thrush __
Total: __


Constant hunger __
Sleep deprivation __
Tendency to regain weight quickly __
History of antibiotic use __
History of eating disorder __
Elevated blood sugar __
See Leptin Article

Food Sensitivities

Weight that varies day to day (fluid retention) __
Digestive problems such as bloating or wind __
Recurrent sinus or chest infections __
History of recurrent ear infections or tonsillitis as a child __
Skin problems such as breakouts or eczema __
History of recurrent antibiotic use. __
Increased appetite after meals __
See Wheat Sensitivity Quiz


Inability to think clearly. Brain fog. __
Dry skin and hair __
Yellow tinged skin (visible on palms)  __
Hair loss __
Feel uncomfortable in hot or cold weather __
Energy better with exercise __
Irregular periods __
Total: __
Conventional thyroid hormone tablets will not fix your problem. See Thyroid article.


Liver roll (spare tire just below ribs)  __
Coated tongue __
Adverse reactions to medication or supplements __
Food cravings in the evening __
Poor appetite in the morning __
Headaches __
More than 4 alcohol/week (women) or 8 (men)  __
Total: __
You need to Detox to lose weight.

Low Prana

Few vegetables in diet. __
Regular consumption of refined flour or fried foods. __
Regular consumption of sweets __
Depression and irritability __
Addicted to junk food  __
Ridged nails __
Dull, lifeless hair and skin   __
Total: __
See Prana Index Diet to lose weight.

Stress/ Cortisol

Fatty hump at the back of neck between shoulders __
Eating or binging when stressed  __
History of severe stress or childhood abuse __
Thinking about food all the time __
Sleep disturbance __
Feel guilty after eating __
Current stress of more than 2 weeks duration __
Total: __


To assess your results:

Identify the category with a majority of items ticked (there may be more than one).  This is your predominant weight loss issue.

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Appointments at Sensible-Alternative

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